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Hiring an English tutor can be exactly what your child needs to get ahead in class or get 1:1 English homework help. Compare tutors by the specific services they offer, their experience, hourly rate, and read reviews from other students to find the right match for you.

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FAQs for finding English help

What is the cost of hiring an English tutor on Care.com?
The national average for hiring an English tutor on Care.com costs $18.75 per hour as of January 2021. This rate may vary depending on your location, what types of assignments your child needs help with, the age of your child and the experience each tutor has.
How can I find an English tutor on Care.com?
Start your search by narrowing down to just the English tutors in your area and filtering by their hourly pay rate. From there, compare the experience each tutor has teaching English to kids and read reviews from other families in your area that have worked with them previously.
What interview questions should I ask an English tutor?
You're hiring an English tutor so your child can improve their writing skills and their grades, so cater your interview questions toward how each candidate can achieve these goals. Make sure you're comfortable with the process each tutor uses to see improvement in the children they've worked with in the past. It may be a good idea to ask how long each English tutor is willing to commit to helping your child with their assignments. They may only need short-term English help, but it's good to know that a tutor can be there to help them long-term as well.